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Mobile Treatments

Home of Holistic

Therapy and Wellbeing

for the less mobile individual

I have been providing Holistic treatments for people in their own homes for over twenty years.


Originally I trained as a Beauty Therapist, then I followed a more Holistic approach and qualified as a Massage Therapist, Reflexologist, Reiki Master Teacher and a Companion Homecare Worker.


I combine many of these skills to deliver a professional and caring treatment in your home, offering a range of services to individuals with long term health conditions, physical and emotional needs.

Stay in the environment you’re most familiar with, around the people and things you know and love the most.

Have personalised one-to-one treatments, completely centred around you.

Ongoing companionship from a therapist who fits best in your life and who’s chosen by you.

Keep the same daily rituals and routines, such as the same meals, eating times and family or friends dropping by

There are many benefits to receiving
treatments in your own home, you can:

Home of Holistic Therapy & Wellbeing can provide relaxing treatments or companionship tailored to the individual – bringing reassurance to the whole family and planned to fit completely around you, your routines and your needs.

Make time for you

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